Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The F-150 Trade In: Aluminum for Steel

FLUSHING, Mich- Ford is taking one of the biggest gambles in its history. The F-150 Trade In: Aluminum for Steel will bring a mass of manufacturing challenges as well as the additional convincing to pickup fanatics that aluminum is as durable as steel.
The F-150 Trade In: Aluminum for Steel
By switching aluminum out with steel, it will cut the F-150's weight by about 700 pounds. This 15 percent reduction would allow Ford trucks to go further on a gallon of gasoline. This will also open door to other changes, such as smaller engines, that will boost fuel economy. Accompanied by the addition to aluminum, the F-150 will be given a more muscular look.

With the new fuel-economy regulations, the U.S. vehicle fleet is required to average 54.5 miles per gallon by 2025. Requirements increase fuel economy goals for vehicles of different sizes each year. Ford's new truck is being created to come out this year and will be capable of hitting the increasing fuel economy standards through 2020. On average the F-150 four-wheel drive with the 3.5-liter V6 engine gets 17 miles per gallon combined city and highway mileage.

The F-series is one of the most popular and profitable motor-vehicle lines in the world. Using aluminum would require many changes throughout the manufacturing process, however, Ford appointed Peter Reyes to lead the F-series program. Mr. Reyes led the development of the new midsize sedan and the update of the Super Duty versions of the F-series trucks. He believes by reducing 10% of the vehicle weight results in a 7% increase in fuel economy.

The F-150 Trade In: Aluminum for Steel is risky, with the F-series being such a key product in Ford's success. However, Ford is confident considering they are already the leader in aluminum use in full-size pickups.

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