Friday, September 13, 2013

Safe Driving Tips For Young Drivers

Safe Driving Tips For Young Drivers

FLUSHING, Mich.- School is back in session which means your teen is spending more time out on the road commuting back and fourth to school, sports practice, and after school activities. Which means as a parent you're probably worrying about them more. So, to keep your teen safe and help you worry less, we've put together some safe driving tips for young drivers.

Our first tip is to inform your young driver how dangerous distracted driving can be. This has become increasingly important in recent years, but according to data gathered by Ford Motor Company, more than half of teens still say that they become easily distracted by others in the car. Though less experienced, it's believed that young drivers to look away from the road for longer and more frequently than more experienced drivers. Whether it's other passengers, the radio, phone calls, or texting, we know that distracted driving can be extremely dangerous.

While passengers in the car can be distracting, it's also important to inform your teen that the number of passengers they are allowed to have in the car is limited by law. So while driving around with friends may be fun, young drivers must remember that how many friends they can drive with is limited.

It's one thing to tell your young driver about distracted driving or laws that affect them, but one of the best ways to encourage safe driving habits and prevent distracted driving is to lead by example! Especially with the distraction that technology poses, you can set a good example by putting your phone away, definitely not texting while driving, and utilizing hands-free technology like Ford SYNC when you can.

Lastly, wearing your seat belt is one of the easiest ways to reinforce vehicle safety among your whole family, young or old! It's good to hear that according to Ford data 78% of teens wear their seat belt while driving, however that also means that there are 22% of young drivers that don't. While wearing your safety belt is required by law, it's also important to educate your teen about how effective seat belts are. You can develop the habit at a young age by requiring your kids to buckle up the minute they get in the car.

As your teen hits the road this year, share these safe driving tips for young drivers with them to help encourage safe driving practices. Discover the safest vehicles for your young driver at Delehanty Ford. We're located at 1510 E. Pierson Road, Flushing, MI 48433. Feel free to give us a call at (810) 659-5688 with any questions you may have. Family-owned and operated, Delehanty Ford has been serving the Greater Genesee County area for over 65 years with customer satisfaction as our top priority. Our sales and service departments are dedicated to providing the best experience for every customer.

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  1. Just a piece of advice to all young drivers. Don't drink and drive and avoid distractions due to conversation with the friends in your car. Be alert and wear seat belt.

    Arnold Brame
    Health And Safety Consultant Norfolk