Thursday, May 29, 2014

Ford Patents Inflatable Safety Belt to Encourage Expanded Adoption

Ford Patents Inflatable Safety Belt to Encourage Expanded Adoption
FLUSHING, Mich - Ford Patents Inflatable Safety Belt to Encourage Expanded Adoption and improve safety for all consumers using various forms of transportations. Ford Motor Company is offering the patented technology to other companies and industries, including competing automotive manufacturers. Ford has been and continues to be committed to standardizing technology that reaches more than just Ford consumers. Ultimately, Ford is hoping availability of licenses will lead to wider adoption of the inflatable safety belts and in return, make traveling safer and reduce passenger injuries, especially amongst children and the elderly.

Ford Patents Inflatable Safety Belt to Encourage Expanded Adoption for several other forms of seated-passenger transportation, including military vehicles, aircraft and boats. As of now, the inflatable seat belts can be found on the Ford Explorer, Flex and Fusion. The up and coming 2015 F-150, Lincoln MKT and MKZ will be equipped with the latest safety belts as well. For everyday use, the inflatable safety belts operate just as any other traditional seat belt would. It isn't until the instance of a crash that the belt would deploy over the occupant's torso and shoulder. The inflatable safety belt  distributes crash forces to an area five times larger than a conventional seat belt, which helps to reduce pressure on the passenger's chest and controls the head and neck motion.

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