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Six Generations Later, Original Mustang DNA Still Shines Through

Six Generations Later, Original Mustang DNA Still Shines Through
FLUSHING, Mich - As much as the Ford Mustang has evolved and adapted to the latest trends and technology, we can still see even Six Generations Later that the Original Mustang DNA Still Shines Through. Think about flipping through an old family photo album, facial features like a nose or eye shape carry on over many, many years. Throughout all of the different Mustang trims over the years, those signature features return and are adapted to align with the latest trends. In order for a sports car to survive within the market it must change and adapt, yet continuously embody its driver and creator. The Ford Mustang is one of the few cars that has been able to adapt while still preserving its nature.

Six Generations Later, Original Mustang DNA Still Shines Through

What are those iconic pony car features that even Six Generations Later, make the Original Mustang DNA Still Shine Through? Well the Mustang's visual presence, performance and accessibility have been the center of its popularity since April 17, 1964. The pony car's long-hood, short-rear-deck proportions are the defining DNA components which create the overall Mustang look. Throughout the six generations, the trapezoid grille, shark-bite nose, tri-bar taillamps, hockey-stick side profile and twin eyebrow dashboard have all been returning themes. It was the fastback profile that portrayed the strongest visual message about the Mustang's level of performance and the convertible the attractiveness of top-down driving. It is part of Ford designer's job to maintain the Mustang's visual identity, selecting the elements that are necessary to create a modern vehicle that is without a doubt Mustang.  

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