Monday, February 10, 2014

Ford Designer & Modeler's Unique Communication Tool

FLUSHING, Mich - Rummaging through your desk drawer or cupboard at home, you may come across Ford Designer and Modeler's Unique Communication Tool: Tape. Yes, we said tape. Believe it or not, tape is a critical tool used throughout the design process of all Ford cars and trucks.

The design process takes time, creativity, and persistency from start to finish. After an initial sketch, a scaled down-clay model and 3D CAD drawing are produced, tape comes into play. A full-size clay vehicle is created to analyze the body styling options. Tape allows designers to  show modelers the lines they want on the vehicle. In order to for the car to look proportionate, the structural lines must be just right. 

Tape brings a level of precision to the design process that can't be duplicated on a computer. It is flexible and can be retaped over and over again until the designers find the perfect concave and convex angles. Tape also keeps the integrity of the width of the line; which is very important when drawing a line that may be difficult to keep at a consistent size. 

Long before such advanced technology, tape was used to draw the entire vehicle because it was the first opportunity to see a full-size vehicle on a 1:1 scale. Today, tape is used primarily on clay models. Although tape's original role has been altered over time, Ford is still using 155 miles of tape a year!

Now, the next time you are wrapping your Christmas presents, you will always remember that you are using one of the most critical tools in the Ford design process: tape. 

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