Thursday, February 27, 2014

Fuel Efficiency Myths We All Believe....

Fuel Efficiency Myths We All Believe....
FLUSHING, Mich - Admit it. You're guilty of topping off the tank once the pump has stopped. Or maybe you use cruise control often to take advantage of every last drop of fuel.  It's okay, everyone does it. But, what if we told you that these common "fuel saving" tips may require a second thought? We are here to tell you the truth about those Fuel Efficiency Myths We All Believe. 

The Myth: Get more mileage when you top off the tank.

The Truth: Who hasn't topped off their tank before? Sometimes you want to have your price as an even dollar amount or sometimes you just want that little bit of extra fuel to get you through the day. Well the truth is, topping off the tank does nothing. As a matter of fact, once the nozzle shuts off, all the additional gas that you think is going into your tank, goes into the gas station's vapor recovery system. That excess gas ends up going back into the storage tanks! It has also been said by AAA that topping off your tank could possibly affect your vehicle's evaporative emissions system.

The Myth: Shifting to neutral when the car is at a stop saves gas.

The Truth: Vehicles today are designed with computerized fuel-injection systems. These system sense if a car is revving above idle as you take your foot off of the accelerator. The fuel-injectors actually shut off and stop injecting gas into the engine. All you are doing by shifting in and out of neutral is wearing down the shift components.

The Myth: As the vehicle gets older, gas mileage decreases.

The Truth: If you fail to take your vehicle in for proper routine maintenance, then yes your vehicle will decrease in performance and in fuel economy. However, if you properly maintain and repair your vehicle over the years, you shouldn't see a major decrease in fuel economy at all!

The Myth: Cruise control saves gas.

The Truth: Keeping your vehicle at a constant speed with cruise control may save you fuel while driving on the highway; otherwise, it could have the opposite effect. The sudden acceleration that cruise control creates when your car is driving up an incline burns a lot of fuel. It burns the same amount of gas if you were to slam down on the accelerator yourself.

The Myth: Filling up the tank at the coldest part of the day = more gas.

The Truth: It is true that at colder temperatures, liquids are denser and take up less space. People think this means they would get a larger volume of gas into their tank. Unfortunately, this is not true. Gasoline is kept at a constant temperature in an insulated storage tank. Even if there was the slightest change in temperature, you would see any noticeable savings.

Now that you know the truth about the typical Fuel Efficiency Myths We All Believe, we hope we can save you a few dollars next time you fill up! The best way to save fuel? Drive slowly and purchase a fuel-efficient Ford vehicle from Delehanty Ford! We have a great selection of New Ford Cars for those living in Holly and the surrounding areas. Stop by the dealership for a test-drive today!

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