Monday, July 8, 2013

Ford Anti-Theft Technologies Prevent Car Theft

Ford Anti-Theft Technologies Prevent Car Theft

FLUSHING, Mich.- Just recently the FBI released data that showed a drastic decrease in the number of vehicles being stolen. But what could cause such a significant drop? All signs point to the new technologies that are being incorporated into vehicles, specifically, Ford's anti-theft technologies which prevent car theft.

One of the most important Ford anti-theft technology features is the automaker's SecuriCode Keyless Entry which makes things convenient for you, while also keeping you safe. Ford's SecuriCode Keyless Entry feature allows the driver to stop wasting time fumbling with keys, and instead enter a programmed 5-digit code into the driver's side keypad which then signals to the wiring system in the vehicle's engine, allowing the car to start.

While Ford's anti-theft technologies prevent car theft, there are also important precautionary measures that you should still take to prevent your vehicle from being stolen.

1. NEVER leave your keys in the vehicle's ignition. It doesn't matter if the car is in your driveway, or if you're just getting out for a second, it makes stealing your car even easier for thieves.
2. Always lock the doors. Not only does this prevent thieves from getting in, but it also activates the Ford lock security systems.
3. Always stow your valuables so they aren't in plain sight, which gives a thief even more motivation to break into your vehicle.
4. Be aware of your surroundings, and always try to park in well-lit areas where your vehicle is completely visible.

If you're interested in additional security features or alarm systems that are available for your vehicle, come see us at Delehanty Ford, located at 1510 E. Pierson Road, Flushing, MI 48433. Or give us a call at (810) 659-5688. Family-owned and operated, Delehanty Ford has been serving the Greater Genesee County area for over 65 years with customer satisfaction as our top priority. Our sales and service departments are dedicated to providing the best experience for every customer.

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