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Vehicle Warning Light Explanations

Vehicle Warning Light Explanations

FLUSHING, Mich. - We all know that owning a vehicle comes with the responsibility of taking care of said vehicle. However, we've all been there when one of those less than desirable warning lights pops up on your dashboard. If you were left wondering what to do next, this post is just for you. Keep these basic Vehicle Warning Light Explanations in mind so you know what to do next time!

Service Engine Light
If your Service Engine light illuminates, it usually means that your vehicle needs maintenance soon. This is definitely not the most severe vehicle warning light, but it should not be ignored since you may be over due for an oil change or service. When you visit your local service center, they will reset the light for you.

Battery Light
If you're ever driving and your Battery Light turns on, there's the possibility that your electrical system has malfunctioned. Which means that you should NOT continue driving since an electrical system malfunction can cause your engine to give out.

Check Engine Light
Don't immediately panic if your vehicle's Check Engine light illuminates since there are a number of reasons that can cause this to happen. To solve the problem, you will either need to either visit your local service center for them to read the fault code, or purchase an OBD2 diagnostic tool that will allow you to read the fault code yourself, and from there you can better solve the issue. While the problem can be as simple as not tightening your gas cap enough, it can also be a more serious problem so do not hesitate to have your vehicle checked out.

Oil Warning Light
Your vehicle's Oil Warning light should be taken much more seriously since it indicates that your oil pressure is low and should be addressed as soon as possible. Ignoring this warning light could potentially ruin your engine, so don’t wait!

Coolant Warning Light
Addressing your vehicle's Coolant Warning light should be done so with caution. It is likely that you need to add a pre-mixed store bought coolant to your radiator, but it is important to ALWAYS wait for the engine to cool before you open the radiator cap! Opening the cap before the engine has cooled, can cause you to be sprayed with boiling hot coolant.

Brake Warning Lights
Less straightforward than the other vehicle warning lights, your Brake! light will require you to check your manual for the exact problem since there isn’t a universal meaning for this symbol in each car. However, the “ABS” light (on ABS-equipped vehicles) generally means that the system has recognized an issue and you should have it checked out away. If the ABS light is blinking, even more caution should be taken as this can indicate your brakes are dead or dying.

At Delehanty Ford we want to keep you safe out on the road and help maintain your vehicle to the best of your ability. So keep these Vehicle Warning Light Explanations in mind next time you hope behind the wheel.

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