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Model T's Birthplace Still Alive, 110 Years Later

Model T's Birthplace Still Alive, 110 Years Later

FLUSHING, Mich.- Ford Motor Company celebrated their 110th anniversary last week, and the 150th birthday of Henry Ford will be celebrated at the end of this month! As the automaker recognizes these significant milestones, we take a look back and also recognize that the industry-changing Model T's birthplace is still alive, 100 years later!

Tracing back the roots of Ford's humble beginnings, leads to the historic Ford Piquette Plant. Located near the Milwaukee Junction rail terminal, which was beneficial for acquiring materials that allowed for quick production, the Piquette Plant first opened in 1904 with an impressive 67,000+ square feet of space.

Model T's Birthplace Still Alive, 110 Years LaterIt took just four years of experimentation with different models, before the Model T was born in 1908 at the Ford Piquette plant. At the start of production, it took workers about 12 hours to completely produce the Ford Model T. Since it took so long, at maximum production in the 67,000 square foot space, the Ford Piquette Plant was only capable of producing 100 Model T's daily.

However, as we know, when vehicle demand increased, the industry quickly responded, thanks to Henry Ford who developed and implemented the assembly line. Once production began on the assembly line, the Piquette Plant drastically increased their output, producing a new car every 12 minutes! Making its mark on history, the Ford Piquette Plant went on to produce over 15 million Model T's before the last vehicle rolled off the line in 1927.

Today, the Ford Piquette Plant has retired vehicle production, but the Model T's birthplace is still alive, 110 years later as a museum and National Historic Landmark. For those who are interested in visiting the landmark museum, the plant has since been restored to it's original state when vehicle production was in full swing.

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