Monday, October 14, 2013

Ford and the University of Michigan Open New Battery Lab

Ford and the University of Michigan Open New Battery Lab
FLUSHING, Mich. - Plans have recently been revealed that Ford and the University of Michigan will be opening a new battery lab in Ann Arbor. This new battery research and manufacturing lab is being created with the hopes that it will speed up the development of batteries for electric and hybrid cars.

This lab will be unique in the United States since the labs currently testing new batteries can't produce them in the amounts needed by Ford Motor Company for automotive research. The new battery lab will essentially allow battery markers, car companies and researchers to come together and test new batteries for prototype vehicles. This is a great move for advancing the automotive industry since battery companies won't be developing, and potentially wasting, batteries that have the potential to not even be used by the industry. Instead, everyone will be able to come together to work on and improve batteries that are already in demand.

Currently, electric and hybrid car sales make up a small percentage of yearly U.S. auto sales - this is believed to be because of the high price tag that comes with the fuel efficient/environmentally friendly vehicles.  Because the batteries in these vehicles are made of costly materials, thousands of dollars get tacked onto the price tag to make up for the production costs. As Ford and the University of Michigan open a new battery lab, the cost to make these batteries will hopefully go down as they discover new and more efficient ways to produce the electric and hybrid car batteries.

The lab, which won't start producing batteries until next year, will cost $8 million - $5 million from the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, $900,000 from the University of Michigan, and $2.1 million from Ford.

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