Monday, December 16, 2013

Ford Motor Company Joins Emerging Autonomous Technology Race

Ford Motor Company Joins Emerging Autonomous Technology Race
FLUSHING, Mich - Gentlemen, start your engines. Ford Motor Company has officially joined the emerging autonomous technology race! The company has unveiled a prototype of an autonomous Ford Fusion Hybrid, publicly putting them in a race with big tech companies such as Google Inc and Tesla Motors Inc to build the world's first mass-market driverless car.

Everyone is looking to develop a autonomous car technology today and Ford Motor Company is the latest company to announce their plans about producing self-driving vehicles. Teaming with the University of Michigan and State Farm, Ford launched an automated research vehicle that will help Ford deliver fully autonomous cars by year 2025. Ford has been heading down this road for some time with their "fully assisted parking aid" technology. This is featured in some Ford vehicles today and the same technology will also be featured in the autonomous cars. Ford also recently debuted a technology allowing drivers to park their cars with a touch of a button inside the car or by using a remote outside of the vehicle.

As Ford hopes to deliver the self-driving cars by 2025 using mixes of old and new technology, competitors may beat Ford to the finish line. Tesla Motors Inc is investing in autonomous technology and the company's CEO believes they can provide the driverless experience for its Model S cars in as few as three years. Tesla is also heading towards an "autopilot" approach, which is similar to what an airplane would have, which will take less time to develop.

Ford does happen to have a very good competitive edge. Partnering with State Farm auto insurance allows Ford to have immediate support in regards to regulations that will be put into place to govern how autonomous vehicles should be legislated. Although they may be at a slower start, Ford still plans to be apart of the emerging autonomous technology race. 

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