Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Prevent Auto Theft Crimes This Holiday Season

Prevent Auto Theft Crimes This Holiday Season
FLUSHING, Mich - It is that time of the season. The time when parking lots are jammed with vehicles of hectic holiday shoppers. A Michigan auto theft prevention program wants to remind all of you shoppers that this time of the year attracts auto criminals. These criminals are looking for easy targets for carjackings, break-ins, and other auto-theft crimes. Reports have shown that the number of auto-theft crimes increase during the holiday shopping season. For your safety, we encourage you to consider a few tips to prevent auto theft crimes this holiday season:

1. Stay alert.
Become aware of your surroundings as you are walking to your vehicle. Avoid talking or texting on your cell phone, or attempting to do other mindless tasks while walking. Remember where you park and walk directly to your vehicle.

2. Park in high-traffic, well-lit areas.
Park in an area with high pedestrian traffic or in an area with an attendant. Avoid parking by objects that block your view such as dumpsters, bushes, and large vans or trucks.

3. Place valuables and purchases out of sight.
Whether it be in the trunk or on the floor, place valuable items in places that are not tempting to passing thieves.

4. If you are threatened by a carjacker, GIVE THEM THE CAR.
Give up your vehicle to the carjacker and get out of harms way. Many thieves could have a weapon in their possession, so it is best to give up your vehicle and whatever is inside for your personal safety!

5. Use your best judgement.
Ultimately, using common sense and proper judgment is the best tool. Do not leave your car unlocked, running while unattended, or leave valuable objects in plain site. If you feel uncomfortable walking to your car alone, ask retail security to escort you to your vehicle.

Of course, we still want you to enjoy the holiday season and your time shopping for others. All we ask is that you stay aware of your surroundings and use your best judgement to prevent auto theft crimes this holiday season. If you are searching for a bigger gift this year, visit Delehanty Ford for a variety of new and used Ford vehicles. At Delehanty Ford, we are happy to assist customers in Grand Blanc and surrounding areas with any of their vehicle needs, including Auto Loans.

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