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Back To School: Bus Safety Tips

Back To School: Bus Safety Tips

FLUSHING, Mich.- Another summer has flown by in the blink of an eye, which means the little ones are headed back to school soon. But while we send them back to school to expand their knowledge, it's important to keep our kids safe as they travel to and from school each day. As the first day of school nears, review these Back To School: Bus Safety Tips with your family to kick off a safe school year!

Back To School: Bus Safety Tips

A safe school day begins at the bus stop, so always encourage kids to walk, not run, to the bus stop on the sidewalk. If your neighborhood does not have sidewalks, remember to walk on the left side of the road facing traffic, so you can see approaching vehicles. Arrive at the bus stop about 5 minutes early, and then wait in a safe place away from the road. When the school bus does arrive, watch for the red flashing lights and for the Stop sign to be extended and then cross only when all traffic has stopped. It's also important to remind children to NEVER speak to strangers at the bus stop and to NEVER get in the car with someone they do not know!

Once on the bus, there are a few guidelines you can set for your children to keep them safe on the ride to and from school. The first thing they should do is go directly to their seat and remain seated, facing forward and keeping the aisles clear for the entire ride. It's okay to socialize with friends, but remind them to talk quietly so they do not distract the driver. Should your child need to talk to the bus driver, instruct them to wait for the bus to stop, then raise their hand and call the driver's name. And as you probably already know, it's important to remind kids that they should never throw things on the bus, or out the windows, and they should never play with the emergency exits.

Once the school day has ended, keep a few tips in mind to exit the bus safely and return home. While exiting, have children walk three extra steps away from the bus so they are away from wheels and moving cars; the safest place to be around a bus. If your child drops something while getting off the bus, they should let the bus driver before they try to pick it up so the driver knows where they are. Or, if they accidentally leave something on the bus, do not go back to get it since the bus may be in motion and the driver may not be able to see them. Remind your child that they should always get off at their designated stop, and if they need to get off somewhere else, they should have a note from a parent.

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