Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Ford F-150 Environmentally Friendly And Tough

Ford F-150 Environmentally Friendly And Tough

FLUSHING, Mich.- Ford Motor Company continuously strives to incorporate recycled content into vehicles, and America's best selling truck is the latest example! The 2014 Ford F-150 is environmentally friendly and tough thanks to the new sustainable materials being used to produce the truck, like rice hulls.

While F-Series trucks already utilize recycled cotton, soybeans, recycled carpet, recycled tires, recycled plastic soda pop and water bottles, and recycled post-industrial plastics, the latest sustainable material being incorporated into production is rice hull-reinforced plastic. Rice hulls are a byproduct of rice grain and is being used to reinforce plastic in a 2014 F-140 electrical harness.

Although Ford is working to make their vehicles more green, the automaker does not sacrifice toughness or durability. After discovering a new sustainable material that can feasibly be used in one of the vehicles, the material must undergo testing to ensure it performs as well if not better than comparable materials. Ford example, the new rice hull-reinforced plastic, which was developed by Ford and RheTech, underwent testing for more than a year. Everything from smell, appearance, functionality, and flammability was examined before the material received approval.

It's obvious that for Ford fuel economy is a top priority, not only to help you save at the pump, but to also improve the automaker's environmental impact. But, it's also important to recognize the impact that can be made by incorporating sustainable materials into the production of vehicles. While multiple Ford vehicles utilize an array of eco-friendly materials, the F-Series alone uses about 10 million pounds of recycled cotton annually thanks to the trucks more than 650,000 sales per year! So you can see how the effect can really add up! For the 2014 model year, the Ford F-150 will be Environmentally Friendly And Tough as Ford plans to source a minimum of 45,000 pounds of rice hulls from Arkansas for the new reinforced plastic.

And, that's all aside from the eco-friendly technologies that Ford has developed for the new F-150. If you're ready for a new ride that is Built Ford Tough...and Green, discover the Ford F-150 at Delehanty Ford. We're located at 1510 E. Pierson Road, Flushing, MI 48433. Feel free to give us a call at (810) 659-5688 with any questions you may have. Family-owned and operated, Delehanty Ford has been serving the Greater Genesee County area for over 65 years with customer satisfaction as our top priority. Our sales and service departments are dedicated to providing the best experience for every customer.

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