Thursday, August 22, 2013

Updated Ford GT Revealed

Updated Ford GT Revealed

FLUSHING, Mich.- Looking back on classic or noteworthy car models, often leaves you wondering why they left the automotive world. What if they were still around? And that's exactly what one California man wondered about the Ford GT, so he brought it back!

Beau Boeckmann wondered why one of the most important super car's life was cut short, so instead of wondering, "What if..." he answered his own question by revealing an updated Ford GT! Resembling and performing more like a race car than street car, the original Ford GT was only around for about two years earlier in 2000. And while some vehicles have a short shelf life for obvious reasons, the GT's departure from the automotive world was premature.

Updated Ford GT Revealed

In an effort to build interest in an updated Ford GT, Boeckmann debuted the new car, named the Ford GTR1, at a recent Motorsports Gathering that is known for attracting those with the means to support a new venture. The exciting GTR1 features serious updates to the GT which was last on sale seven years ago. With a completely updated exterior, the GTR1 also receives stronger brakes and a six-speed manual transmission. But most notably, horsepower is nearly doubled to 1,024 HP from 550 HP thanks to a twin-turbocharged engine!

Ford fans all over the world are already looking to get their hands on the updated Ford GT, but with a hefty price tag of more than $1 million, it looks like it will only be a reality for a select few!

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