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Ford Celebrates Women Behind the All-New Mustang

Ford Celebrates Women Behind the All-New Mustang
FLUSHING, Mich - If you were asked to describe a Mustang, what words would you choose? Most likely something along the lines of "sporty" or "masculine", right? Well, what if we told you that some of the most important characters in the story of the Mustang were women? Go ahead, we will give you a minute to rethink your answer.

Ford Celebrates Women Behind the All-New Mustang in honor of International Women's Day, March 8, 2014, and National Women's History Month. Many fail to recognize that not only have many of the important roles in the development of the all-new 2015 Ford Mustang are filled by women, but women have been influencing the iconic pony car for the past 50 years! In fact, it was a woman who purchased the VERY first Mustang in America. Chicago schoolteacher, Gail Brown, was the first Mustang owner in the country, purchasing the vehicle on April 15, 1964 - two days before it even went on sale.

Ford Motor Company has several women holding key positions in Mustang development. How about we learn a little more about some very special ladies and what they contribute to the process...

Marcy Fisher - Vehicle Line Director
Marcy oversees every single detail of the all-new Ford Mustang from the initial planning process to the minute it hits the showroom. Along with her Mustang responsibilities, she also serves as the line director for the Ford Explorer, Taurus, Police Interceptor, Flex and Escape. She joined Ford back in 1986 and has since held a number of positions within the company. She also has been on the 100 Leading Women in the Automotive Industry list by Automotive News TWO times! Marcy is so excited to be apart of this iconic moment in Mustang history - the 50th year vehicle launch.

Michele Lubin Henney - Vehicle Integration Supervisor
When you sit behind the wheel of the 2015 Mustang and are exposed to a world-class driving experience, you have Michele to thank. Michele's main objective is to create that unbeatable experience that customers will have when they get into a 2015 Ford Mustang - the sound of the car, how it feels when it drives, fuel economy, driver and passenger comfort, and so on. Henney especially enjoys getting behind the wheel of the car to evaluate all of the driving aspects of the vehicle, ensuring that customers will be fully satisfied with their experience. Michele understands the passion behind the Mustang and is so proud to be apart of a team that works hard to create that personal connection for customers.

Susan Lampinen - Chief Color and Materials Designer
Susan guides the "designed to be designed by you" process by choosing those often iconic exterior paint colors as well as the colors and materials in the Mustang's cabin. She isn't afraid to take a risk with the Mustang's design; she knows the key to success is to express performance, sportiness and power. Susan's favorite Mustang color throughout the car's history? Race Red. It is the well-known shade that exemplifies that passion, power and athleticism that Mustang lovers have always known - not to mention, what car doesn't look amazing in a fiery red shade?

Melanie Banker - U.S. Marketing Manager
Melanie has a critical role in the Ford Mustang team. She first must bring the car to customers in the marketplace and then keep track of its performance. Melanie works in both research and development of the new car along with taking part in the consumer marketing process. When making vehicle decisions, Banker much recognize how men and women use their cars and what features are most beneficial to each type of customer group. Melanie loves the dedication of the Ford team as well as their continuous focus on Mustang lovers and fans.

These four ladies are a few of many that Ford is celebrating. Every single person on the Mustang, and Ford, team is an interracial part of their many, many years of success. Here's to you, ladies!

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