Thursday, March 13, 2014

"Spring Cleaning" For Your Car

"Spring Cleaning" For Your Car
FLUSHING, Mich - Okay, we know what you're thinking. Will Spring ever get here? Don't mention Spring, snow is still on the ground. When will winter finally end? We get it, it all seems like a distant dream at this point. HOWEVER, Spring is technically only a week away! So, let's clear our minds and look forward to the weather ahead. After this insane winter, it is guaranteed that your car is going to need a deep cleaning! Get your car ready for sunshine with these tips on "Spring Cleaning" For Your Car.

1. Especially after this Michigan winter, those windshield wipers have definitely taken a beating. It would be a good to have them replaced for Spring so that you have proper visibility. Of course, they can't do the job alone - so make sure your wiper fluid is full as well!

2. Keep that windshield extra clean by spraying it down with RainX. Believe us, it really does help give your windshield that crystal clear and streak-free look!

3. Clean off that salt and snow covered carpet! Using a carpet cleaner with a scrub brush on the end is the best way to get underneath all of that wintery mess!

4. Rinse off the undercarriage of your vehicle to prevent rusting. With all of that snow we had this winter, it is important to get any built up salt and dirt out from underneath your car. 

5. Get the dust off your dashboard. That's right, dust can still build up even if your windows have been closed all winter! Keep in mind that letting dust sit can cause aesthetic damage to the interior. 

6. Bring out the turtle wax! Not only will your car look like new, the wax will also help protect your paint from dirt and any of those upcoming April showers!

7. Go through your glovebox. Clear out all of the junk you crammed in there over winter and have a fresh start for Spring. Be careful, be sure your registration and proof of insurance stay put and are easy to get to!

Did we forget something? Add tips and tricks on "Spring Cleaning" For Your Car in the comment box below! We would love to hear how you get your vehicle ready for Spring!

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