Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Tripled Demand for All-Wheel-Drive Vehicles

FLUSHING, Mich - When people are in the market for an all-wheel-drive vehicle, many immediately think of a large SUV or pickup truck as their only option. Not any more! There are now several options for us as a new breed of efficient, affordable, all-wheel-drive vehicles make their mark in the auto industry. The tripled demand for all-wheel-drive vehicles and improved technology has provided many other alternatives for drivers. It has allowed us to move past the thought of assuming large trucks and SUVs are the only type of vehicle that can give us the all-wheel-drive technology we are looking for.

The Tripled Demand for All-Wheel-Drive Vehicles
Ford Motor Company is among some of the biggest beneficiaries of the all-wheel drive passenger and utility areas of the industry. Between 2009 and 2013, the U.S. retail registrations alone of all-wheel-drive passenger vehicles have tripled. There has been a massive 189 percent growth in sales as demand increased in the Northeast and Pacific Northwest regions.

With the increased appeal of a fuel-efficient and affordable all-wheel-drive vehicle, Ford's passenger car and utility registrations have increased up to 8 percent between 2009 to 2013. The passenger and utility vehicles are actually accountable for 30 percent of Ford's overall growth in the region since 2009. The strong demand helped the Ford Escape and Fusion reach record retail market shares in the Northeast last year, raising each of the vehicle's retail shares in their segments by up to 2 percent. 

The Tripled Demand for All-Wheel-Drive Vehicles has caused Ford to take the all-wheel-drive passenger and utility vehicle's technology into their own hands. The all-wheel-drive technology on a Ford is so technological advanced you won't believe your eyes - literally. Ford's technology monitors road surfaces 20 times faster than the blink of a human eye! When road conditions demand power to all wheels of the vehicle, sensors and software immediately work together to distribute power to the front and rear wheels for better control. 

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