Thursday, March 20, 2014

Ford Driving Skills for Life Makes Second Decade Updates

Ford Driving Skills for Life Makes Second Decade Updates
FLUSHING, Mich - Ford Driving Skills for Life Makes Second Decade Updates by addressing the latest dangerous trends in teen driving. Although "hands on the wheel, eyes on the road" still remains the signature motto, Ford Driving Skills for Life is focusing on teaching new and teen drivers lessons that they will not learn in a typical driver's ed class.

The biggest challenge is keeping the driver's safety content engaging, which is why Ford tries to keep the curriculum as updated and relevant as possible. Amongst the many technology and content updates is one of the latest driving trends that is impacting safety out on the road. If you aren't familiar with the term "driving selfie", it is when a driver is taking a self-portrait when behind the wheel. Oddly enough, this trend has grown into something that is affecting new/teen drivers. Ford has now added a segment into the program that simulates the distractions created when taking a selfie on one of their closed courses. 

Impaired driving is another issue that needs to be addressed and Ford has a modern approach to give new/teen drivers a valuable lesson. A drunk driving suit is now used that replicates the physical challenges one faces when under the influence of alcohol. The suit has added weight to the arms and legs, causing the teen to feel unbalanced and have slow reaction time. The new driver will experience the same physical impairments as a driver would under the influence.

Ford Driving Skills for Life Makes Second Decade Updates after many years of success beginning in 2003. The program is now operating in more than 15 countries and continues to seek growth around the world. New technology and video elements will be used to help teen drivers around the globe make the safest choices while on the road. Check out the program's updates at

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